Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a place using coordinates?

Yes, you can put coordinates in a regular search box, the same way as you put there the other data (street name, town, name of place etc.). You can, for example, copy coordinates from Google Maps to our application to get a route with truck restrictions in mind.

Enter the coordinates into the search bar and select the result which will be displayed in the degrees-minutes-seconds format.

It can be done in two ways:
Decimal degrees format: 41.15555, -8.58197
Degrees, minutes, and seconds format: N 41°09ʹ20ʺ W 8°34ʹ55ʺ

Application stopped working/crashing/does not have Internet connection after last update.

We are sorry to hear that. Please try to uninstall application, delete all the app’s data and cache (device settings > apps > ROAD LORDS) and try to install it again from Google Play Store. This should help. If after this, you still experience problems please contact us at with your device ID, which can be found in Settings > Personalization and Data and any additional information about the issue. We’re here to help.

What does error 4 mean?

Error 4 means that our navigation cannot calculate the route. Most of the time, the reason is that there's no road suitable for the truck parameters you've set, or that the start/end of the route is located on an unsuitable road. Our navigation does not take special exemptions into account yet, which leads to a lack of suitable options. In this case, you can try to move a little bit or change your destination to the nearest main road, for example.

Is your application available on iOS? When it will be available?

Sadly, iOS version is not available yet. We do not have specific date when we plan to launch it, but it is a plan for our future development.

This new street / road / highway / tunnel / bridge is not marked on the map. Why?

It is because some of the newest roads are not updated by the map providers yet. We are constantly working on updating maps, to have them as up-to-date as possible. We’d recommend you to use online maps, which contain newest user feedback and update offline maps, when the new version is available.

ROAD LORDS navigated me through entry bans/height restrictions, etc.

This can be caused by error in route calculation or not exact map information. We are still in BETA version, so our application is still being developed, including the routing. We are constantly working on improving the routing. Please, send us the exact location and details about the restriction, so we can check it. Our email is

Is it possible to edit maps?

There is no possibility to edit or correct map directly in the application, but you can add and edit places which are on the map. If you want to edit road restrictions and other inaccurate map information, please send us an email to with exact place and the correction. We will report it to our map provider.

How to turn ROAD LORDS off?

You can turn ROAD LORDS off in the notification tab, on the top of the screen. It can be accessed by swiping your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom. There you can select quit in the "ROAD LORDS is running" notification to stop it running in the background.

RoadLords runs in background to provide traffic information useful to all drivers even when the user does not use RoadLords at that moment.

How to create a Place of Interest?

Tap on the exclamation mark in the bottom left corner of the screen, choose “New Place”, select the category and location of the place, type in a name and fill out other useful information.

Can I search companies by name?

Certainly, simply enter the name of the company in the search bar. Specify the city and country for better results.
Keep in mind that depend on our map provider and crowd-sourcing for data. When our navigation cannot find a place you know of, please create a POI. It will greatly help other drivers.

Is it possible to find house numbers?

Even though house numbers aren’t displayed on the map, you can simply add it after the street name to search for it.

How to add a waypoint?

When you’re already going along a route you’ve created, zoom-out the screen of ROAD LORDS (as you would a picture), or simply slide your finger over the middle of the screen.

Then, you can select a waypoint in two ways:
a) Directly from the map by holding your finger over it until the “Add as waypoint” option appears from the bottom of the screen.
b) Searching in via the magnifying glass button in the top left corner of the screen.

Trouble adding a waypoint when choosing the route?
You can add a waypoint while choosing a route just by tapping on the panel above the map, selecting “add waypoint” and searching for an address/place the same way as you searched your destination. When the search bar appears with the history of searched places, there's also the option "Select from the map" to add a waypoint directly from the map.

How to avoid highways/toll roads/ferries?

You can select which types of road you want to avoid after you tap on the cogwheel in the top right corner of the screen and select the button with the highway icon.
This will open the “Route Navigation” screen, where you can find the route computing setting and every road type + ferries. Route computing offers three options: fastest, shortest, or economic route.

To avoid a certain type of road, check it. All the road types (+ ferries) with a check-mark will be avoided.

Routing will automatically calculate a route according to the vehicle parameters you’ve set in vehicle settings.

How can I change language of the application?

Language of the application matches the language you choose in settings of your device. So, if you want to change the language of the app, you need to change the language of your device and restart the application. Changes will apply automatically.

How can I change font size?

The font size you can set in general settings of your device, then the changes will appear also within the application. There is no possibility to adjust font size directly in the application.

How can I add/find/rename my favourite places?

After you’ve selected an address, or a place, simply pull up the bottom tab with the name of the address/place where the “Add to Favourites” button can be found.

To see the list favourites, tap on the search box and select the heart icon.

The option to rename or delete a favourite will appear if you hold you finger over it in the list of favourites for 1-2 seconds.

I downloaded maps, but navigation does not want to work without Internet. What’s going on?

Our application is designed to work with Internet connection. This is due to the nature of the application – we want you to have newest updates on incidents and traffic on the road. Downloading maps is helping to save data costs but to enjoy full experience with our navigation you need to have Internet connection. Don’t worry, data transfer with downloaded maps are minimal.

Why can’t I download maps?

Try using a browser and check if you can access the internet - if you can't, then it's likely a network issue, try turning your internet connection off and on.
Also check for any firewall or antivirus app that could be blocking the download. If you have more than one android device at your disposal, try downloading the map on the other device as well.
When the issue persists among different devices and networks, please send us your device ID which can be found in Settings > Personalization and Data and any additional information about the issue to

Why can’t I download the application in my country?

We’ve launched our application and the number of countries where it's available continues to grow. We hope that we will be available in your country soon.

ROAD LORDS is currently available in:
Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

I reported an incident yesterday and today when I came back to this point the incident was gone. Why?

When you report incident, it will appear only for few hours and then disappears. The rule is, the more likes your incident gets, the longer will it be displayed on the map and be visible to other drivers. This is valid for all type of incidents.

Can I download application and maps to SD card or only internal memory?

First, you need to download the application and maps to internal memory of your device. Then, you’ll be able to move it to the external memory. To do so, tap on the cogwheel in the top right corner, enter “Settings”, tap “Storage” and select the option to transfer all data to the SD card.

Is ROAD LORDS suitable for a car?

Yes, ROAD LORDS can also be used as a navigation for a car. To change the type of vehicle to a car, tap on the cogwheel in the top right corner of the screen, open vehicle settings and tap on the blue “Select a vehicle type” button.

What does this error mean?

  1. Unforeseen error occurred.
  2. Routing canceled by user.
  3. The start cannot be found due to insufficient GPS signal.
  4. The start/destination doesn’t meet the truck’s parameters. Please, enter a suitable road, or select a destination on a suitable road.
  5. Internet is unavailable, please use offline maps.
  6. Cannot load saved route.
  7. Route calculation error.
  8. Path between waypoints does not exist.
  9. The path reconstruction has failed.
  10. The path construction has failed.
  11. The path could not be found.
  12. Route calculation error. Please, try again, or use offline maps.
  13. The online routing service is unavailable, please use offline maps.
  14. Server error. Please try again.
  15. Server error. Please try again.
  16. Required offline map was not found.
  17. Waypoint error. Please try again or choose a place nearby.
  18. Provided location of waypoint is not near of any downloaded map. Please download the necessary maps.

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