COVID-19 news

Current truck border crossings situation in Europe

Have a look at borders that are the most complicated to pass through these days. The waiting times at borders marked with a red color varies, however it is expected to be more than an hour.

Border crossings as of April the 6th

At RoadLords, we are closely monitoring the ongoing viral outbreak of COVID-19. As a response to that, we have decided to update you with the most important information for all truckers and professional drivers in Europe.

RoadLords application can help you with better routing and warn you about incidents or COVID-19 restrictions. Thank you all for hard work and delivering necessary goods, especially in these critical times.

RoadLords are here to help you

Accurate real-time routing

Any time you see a following objection on the road (see the image below), it is a sign indicating that the COVID-19 control is being performed at a given border. Our app uses these data to calculate the best and fastest routes for you in real-time.

RoadLords - Object on road

Chat with other drivers

We are well aware of some borders that may have longer waiting queues. We hope the chat option with nearby drivers could help you. Exchanging information with drivers up front at the queue, as well as just having a chat with your peers might come handy sometimes. Find a nearby driver on the map, click on his icon and initiate a message. Safe journey!

RoadLords - Chat with other users

Other handy COVID-19 features coming soon

We are working hard to bring you some new features that will make your life on roads even easier during COVID-19 restrictions. Stay tuned, they are coming soon!

Country info

Slovak Republic

International busses are prohibited from entering/exiting the country
Freight transport allowed on national and int. Routes
Drivers have to be equipped with protective equipment
Secondary borders are closed

Driving limits and relaxation:

  • Daily driving limit is up to 11hours
  • Weekly driving limit: 60 hours
  • Fortnightly driving limit: 96 hours

Any Slovakian drivers returning to Slovakia by car must quarantine for 14 days, as per the current regulations; - Foreign drivers performing international freight operations, to and from Slovakia, are also exempt from the quarantine regulations.

Czech Republic

Only major border crossing points are open:
Austria - Dolní Dvořiště, České Velenice, Hatě Mikulov
Germany - Strážný, Pomezí n.O., Rozvadov, Folmava, Žel. Ruda, Krásný Les, H.Sv. Šebestiána

  • No restrictions for road freight transport (transit, import, export, domestic) has been imposed
  • Ban on entry or exit regarding the territory of the Czech Republic does not affect drivers involved in freight transport, including driver assistants
  • Truck drivers can drive also on Sunday


  • Internal and external borders closed
  • Hungarian citizens and their close relatives are allowed to enter the country
  • Professional drivers Hungarian citizens can use any route available for freight transport

Professional drivers non-Hungarian citizens in transit are allowed to cross the state border and continue the journey without restrictions, but only through the designated border points and transit routes marked with a blue line (see here)


  • Health checks are still taking place at border crossing points
  • Drivers with a temperature of above 38 degrees will automatically undergo a medical examination
  • International road freight transport → Borders remain open to the flow of goods and truck drivers operating international road freight will not have to comply with the two week quarantine period.

Open borders here

Driving limits and relaxation:

  • Daily driving limit is up to 11hours
  • Weekly driving limit: 60 hours
  • The weekly transport time over 2 consecutive weeks: 96 hours
  • After 5 and half hours, driver shall take a break of at least 45 minutes

Current waiting time at borders to be found at


Foreign citizens cannot enter Romania's territory unless they transit Romania through designated corridors
Exception for:

  • National transport of goods and passengers
  • International road freight transport

Drivers of goods vehicles over 2.4t are obligated, at border crossing points, to have on them and to wear personal means of protection such as disinfectant, gloves, face masks, and present documents attesting the route of travel to the destination.

The following border crossing points have been closed:

  • Border crossing points with Hungary: Turnu, Săcuieni, Salonta and Valea lui Mihai
  • Border crossing point with Ukraine: Sighet
  • Border crossing points with Bulgaria: Negru Vodă, Lipniţa, Dobromir, Zimnicea, Turnu Măgurele and Bechet
  • Border crossing points with Moldova: Rădăuţi, Prut and Oancea.


  • Temporary border controls at the borders with Italy
  • Weekend traffic ban for heavy goods above 7,5 tons is suspended until 03/04/2020

Throughout Austria, the weekend traffic ban for heavy goods vehicles above 7.5 tonnes will be suspended until 3 April 2020

Available Austria-Hungarian borders for freight transport:

  • o Hegyeshalom / Nickelsdorf
  • Rábafüzes / Heiligenkreuz
  • Bucsu / Schachendorf.
  • Koszeg / Rattersdorf.
  • Rábafüzes / Heiligenkreuz

Driving limits and relaxation:

  • Daily driving limit:11 hrs
  • Weekly driving limit: 60 hrs
  • Fortnightly driving limit: 100 hours


Border controls - Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxemburg and Denmark
Cross border movement of goods remains guaranteed
Persons with any of the symptom of the illness will be refused entry

Possibility to extend driving time to 10 hours five times per week
Possibility to take two consecutive reduced weekly rests within a period of four weeks.